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Brazil Trading Fitness Fair discusses health, nutrition and physical education

More than a fair, Brasil Trading Fitness Fair is an event that brings together news from the sector of supplementation and fitness fashion, competitions, high level athletes, as well as information and service provision on health and sport issues in São Paulo, from October 19 to 21.

On October 19 and 20 (Friday and Saturday), will be held the BTFF Conference, a technical scientific congress that brings together renowned professionals in medicine, nutrition and physical education in Brazil, under the coordination of Dr. Paulo Muzy.

The numbers of the fair are impressive: in its first edition, last year, more than 25 thousand people visited the fair, which had 4 thousand athletes and a turnover of millions of reais. This year, the public expectation is much higher, at least 35 thousand people.

To represent the fair, the organizers bet on national and international ambassadors, names known to the public as influencers of fitness, bodybuilding and healthy living. Athlete and bodybuilder Renata Spallicci, one of the BTFF and Diva Fitness WBFF ambassadors, talks about how the event was this year: "The Fair was huge. Beautiful stands, a crowded event. There was an incredible diversity of stands, besides supplementation, but also fashion and healthy eating".

This Sunday, for the first time, the renowned bodybuilding championship Mr. Olympia was held in Brazil, making the event historic. National and international athletes will compete this Sunday on the main stage of the BTFF: "It is the most emblematic championship of world bodybuilding, for the first time in Brazil. This puts Brazil even more on the map of major world events, it is positive for us in many ways, not only sports, but tourism and economy.

"The BTFF 2018 had a super cool team of ambassadors, who worked to promote the fair and Mr. Olympia of which I am part. Everything is being incredible. I'm proud to be part of all this," concludes Renata Spallicci.

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